Apollo Space Pods


Trinity designed break out booths for indoor and outdoor spaces, inspired by the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing. These pods are designed for any bar/ restaurant, office space, or even your garden!


The outside of the capsule is directly inspired by the Apollo 11 lunar module, that we researched by going to the Science Museum and recorded information from their exhibition in London. The texture of it is designed to look like it is cladded in metal sheets, held together with nuts and bolts, when in actual fact it would be cast and made from fibreglass, a material that is capable of withstanding the elements and be strong enough to support the shape and still keep all the detail in the design of the pod. 
The outside would be scenically painted to make it look like it was 50 years old, to celebrate the anniversary of the moon landing, with fake rust and chipped paint. The shape of the space pod is modified slightly from the original for a more practical shape to be used for people to sit comfortably. The walls are dotted with small window hatches that isolate you from the rest of the world and the door is designed to open and close on.
Contradictory to the vintage, rustic look on the outside of the pod, the inside is designed as a space of luxury and comfort. The colour scheme of the inside is inspired by different planets. We have a grey/ silver pod for the Moon, a burnt orange pod inspired by Mars and a turquoise/ cobalt blue room for Neptune. Each designed to be fully fitted with shades of this colour, but in the different fabrics and textures to give each room more of an intriguing effect. Each pod also has a feature table made to look like gem stones that match the colour of the room, marble for the Moon capsule, jasper for the Mars capsule and lapis lazuli for the Neptune capsule. The pods are all fitted with a beautiful light feature in the shape of a galaxy and each have fitted air-conditioning.
If this has caught your interest then get in contact with us and we can make one for you!