Betfair Santa’s Grotto


Trinity were approached by Betfair¬†and Pitch to design and construct a supercharged Santa’s Grotto in the heart of Covent Garden, London.


Covent Garden, London


Betfair’s latest PR stunt saw London based Christmas shoppers stumble across a Santa’s Grotto with the twist. Half grotto half man-cave.

Members of the public were encouraged to challenge an in house Santa to an array of games varying from Fifa to darts in order to win expensive electronic gifts.

Trinity faced the task of designing the Grotto. We applied a log lap facade to the exterior of the building to ensure the Grotto had an authentic appeal. Above the frame of the lodge we used an alpine themed vinyl to set the scene in the snowy mountains.

Adding to the Christmas theme, fake snow was applied to the exterior ledges and surrounding floor area.

Continuing with the traditional theme the interior of the Grotto was made out of ship lapped wood, featuring a custom built fireplace.

Once the traditional foundations were in place props were added to create the man cave twist. These included football shirts, TV’s ,neon signs, sofas, an arcade machine and a range of games varying from Jenga to Fifa.





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