Chang Sensory Trails


Trinity Set & Stage were approached to pitch for a large London-based event for Chang, a Thai beer brand headquartered in Singapore. 


The venue selected was Last Days of Shoreditch a unique public space in the heart of Shoreditch designed with group events in mind and available for private hire. Trinity were responsible for adapting the venue and all of the production and build. Chang Sensory Trails was the first event held in the indoor/outdoor space for five months.


Change Sensory Trails is held in three locations each year – Singapore, LA and London. Trinity were responsible for taking the overall event design and branding.  The Trinity team worked closely with the Chang Global team in Singapore and, closer to the event, the Chang UK team who were responsible for onsite management of elements such as the bar, VIP room and registration.

The entrance to the event was executed to attract passers-by and to signpost the location from a distance.  Trinity designed three ‘Food, Art, Music’ light boxes, a freestanding six layer bottle arch highlighted with LEDs and large brand panels on either side of the front gates.  Trinity also arranged for Chang to take over the three billboards above the entrance to the venue.

There were three individual zones – Chang Street, Chang Garden and Chang Music.  Each had its own theme which was reflected in the branding and build.  The front bar was in the Street zone and graphics were designed around an Asian cartoon/ graffiti set of visuals which Trinity used in sections to suit the venue and furniture available. 

The Garden zone sat in the centre and was highlighted with neon columns, designed lighting, greenery and five themed food booths fitted out with green vine frontages interspersed with fairy lights. 

The Music Zone was at the back of the venue with its own cool vibe highlighted with freestanding LED cube frames, lit seating cubes, a stage for the bands and a large freestanding light box designed to look like an old-school boom box.

The overall impact of the event was highlighted by the ‘wow’s’ from people as they approached and entered the venue, and the continuous photos being taken of the various elements by those attending.

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