Trinity were set the task of creating a break out room for an internal conference for Kantar.


The Brewery, East London


Hosting an internal conference for your company can leave staff members longing to stretch their legs.

We decided that recreating an Ames room would be a visually striking addition to the Kantar event giving people the opportunity to take a moment from the conference and have a little fun.

The ‘Ames’ room was invented by American ophthalmologist Adelbert Ames, Jr. in 1946, it is a warped room that is mathematically calculated to give the viewer the illusion that someone is bigger or smaller than they seem. We took on the challenge to create a version of this room that not only has the illusion but needed to be installed along with everything else in a 2 hour time frame.

Using a digital 3D model we worked out the exact angles and heights needed to create the illusion and then got them CNC’d to create the walls. To create the illusion we need an elevated angled floor, we used steel deck and different cut legs to create this base for the floor to sit on. The final finishing touch to the illusion was a vinyl floor that forces the perspective of the viewer to believe the room looks flat.

We printed a vinyl floor that makes an illusion of it looking warped and not flat, we pre-vinyled segmented floor pieces that were then assembled on site with a sloped trim frame around the edge, we produced a set of 6 poseur tables with a graphic and logo to match.

A custom bar was built for serving drinks cladded in mirrored HIPS reflecting the strange props and draped room around it.

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