Working in collaboration with Mugshot, Trinity were briefed to design and build an giant mug that would play host to interactive games engaging customers with Mugshot products.


Barcode Festival 2018 - Hawker House, London, Canada Water


Trinity designed and built a 3m x 3.1m mug to feature as the centre piece for Mugshot’s stand out brand activation at Barcode festival. The festival in its first year was held at Hawker House.

The mug was used to host an array of interactive games that would engage members of the public, informing them of Mugshot products in a fun style fit for a festival.

Construction the mug consisted of assembling a pre designed frame made of aluminium tubing, this material was selected due to being light weight and cost effective. The aluminium frame featured a button press connection system making it easy to assemble and dismantle. The frame was covered with a stretchable red fabric with Mushot’s brand logo on a double sided print sealed with a zip.

The final addition to the mug was a 2 meter tall handle cut from polystyrene using a 5 axis CNC machine which was later hard coated and painted to match the mug design.

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