We were tasked by Nibbs Events to clad a pre-existing bar to fit the theme of the TV show Outlander, for a private screening of the third series in Sony Studios, in Golden Square, London.


London, United Kingdom


The pre-existing bar is sleek, metallic and shiny, however none of these words aptly describe the Outlander Universe. Therefore it was up to us to transform the bar into a wooden bar one could expect to find in the TV show.

The bar cladding was produced and installed in less than a week, using scaffolding boards that were distressed by beating them with a chain. As the bar itself is quite long, the cladding was built into two parts and then screwed together onsite.

It was imperative to not damage the existing bar, but also ensure that the bar would be sturdy enough to support the weight of people leaning on it. Trinity simply built a lip to the back side of the bar top to prevent it from being able to slide off onto the patron’s feet.

Trinity handled the transportation of the set using our own vans, for both installation and de-rig.

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