Samsung Sponsorship at Tough Mudder


Trinity worked with Samsung to create a bespoke brand experiential roadshow.


Across the United Kingdom


Samsung sponsored Tough Mudder to promote the brand with a roadshow to increase brand awareness throughout the country.

For this roadshow, Trinity had to supply the client with a portable way of showcasing their brand. Not only was this structure to display Samsung’s devices, but also incorporated a DJ booth, an interactive cycling challenge pallet furniture, and the ‘total ledge’ obstacle, which had the endurance enthusiasts climb up on top of the activation and then jump off a ledge, onto a crash mat.

In order to get the container to the different Tough Mudder events, a crane and lorry was hired to transport and position the container into formation. The shipping container itself presented a few challenges for the workshop crew to overcome; the sheer size of the container meant that the structural support needed to be evenly distributed and the vinyl graphics needed to be able to withstand any bumps or heavy 70mph winds on the motorway towards its next location.

Another challenge the workshop crew had to overcome was the construction of the doors, which did not function as intended due to their weight. The doors had to be strategically fitted and studied by a structural engineer so that they would achieve the client’s desired finish.

There was a lot of structural engineering involved, with a lot of research into how to build the structure and measure wind speeds. There was also a lot of scaffolding required for this event to form the DJ booth and parts of the obstacle course; working with scaffolding suppliers Overlay we were able to achieve this.

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