Starward Whisky


Trinity Set & Stage was approached by Starward Whisky to create a tasting stand for them at The Whisky Exchange Whisky Show in London.


Old Billingsgate, London, England


The client wanted the stand to resemble their warehouse in Melbourne, Australia. This was a unique design because the walls of the warehouse are created with the plinths of Starward’s old whisky barrels. To replicate this effect sourced old, used whisky barrels. What made these whisky barrels unique, besides having the intoxicating oak barrels aroma of aged whisky, was the type of wood the barrels were made from. Whisky barrels made of English white oak are a rare find now, but the challenge didn’t stop our team from achieving a custom made stand! 

The wall was made into four different sections and delivered to the Old Billingsgate venue. The clients’ stand definitely stood out; many stands were made out wood, but none had incorporated reusing whiskey barrels. 

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