Virgin Media & Destiny 2 Beta Launch


To unveil the beta launch of the recently released game Destiny 2, Trinity Set & Stage were approached by creative agency Influence to create the set of the beta launch of Destiny 2.

The set was to be broken into various elements, from a welcoming area, to game content rooms, a tunnel of fibre optic cable, and a large impressive gaming area showing off the various highlights, artwork and elements of the Destiny universe.

As an immersive beta launch, this set required to be mesmerising as well as plenty of opportunities to get players involved; the easiest way to get a gamer involved with a game is to play it. To accommodate for this, Trinity supplied 24 gaming pods, with two screens/players per pod, so that the beta of the game could be enjoyed by the attendants. It was important for the set to not only fit the theme to the branding of Destiny, but also to Virgin Media.


London, United Kingdom


In a tight two day timeframe, Trinity Set & Stage delivered this large scale event to the centre of London, in order to transport guests into a new destination of wonder, entertainment and exclusive gameplay only a select few of people could access.

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