Old El Paso Mini Cantina

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In association with XYZ and Grey Shopper, Trinity headed to London’s Riverside Grass, Southbank for the latest in a run of activation builds.

Old El Paso celebrated the launch of their new mini ‘Stand N Stuff’ soft tacos with free 20 minute sittings at their mini pop-up restaurant. Trinity created a unique environment to sample their new product with an authentic Mexican feel. Visitors were greeted by an mini mariachi band and maitre D mini Danny Trejo for a two day experience.

Trinity provided not only their usual set build but also AV, prints, power, lighting, site safety fencing and wind calculations to help bring the project to life for maximum effect, matching brand guidlines to produce patone perfect brand colours and the all important Old El Paso tiling, interior finish and photo backdrop to help make this a successful ‘mini’ activation.

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