Trinity Set and Stage COVID-19 guidelines

The points highlighted below are general guidelines to give an overview of the steps we intend to take. The safety measures are not contractual and may need to be revised at any time.

Keeping Staff and Clients Safe

PPE & Training – All staff will be provided with the necessary PPE in order for them to carry out their role safely. Additional training will be provided to ensure all policies are adhered to.

Temperature Checks – All staff and clients arriving on site will be subject to a contactless thermometer check. Those with a temperature above 37.8°C / 100°F will not be admitted. A retest can be done after 15 minutes if they show no other symptoms. Workers who fail on site testing will immediately be asked to isolate for 14 days.

Health Declaration Forms – All staff and clients will be required to a health declaration form upon entry.

Staffing Bubbles – Where possible we will keep the same staff on shift in bubbles so that the same people work together consistently.

Safe Room – We will keep a space on site available for anyone feeling unwell

Social Distancing

1m Rule – All seating and delegate layouts will adhere to the 1m rule. Organisers can work with our event planners to ensure the setups required are in keeping with GOV guidelines. We have installed social distance reminders, including floor makers, particularly areas of congestion such as cloakroom, lifts and toilets.

One Way Systems – Where possible the venue will implement a 1 way system for entrances/exits to help with delegate flow around the venues.

Building and Venue Arrival System

Registration – Registration will now take place in the cafe on the ground floor to eliminate congestion in the main building lobby. A host will be onsite to register guests on arrival. Name and contact details will be required to be collected by event organisers and kept for 21 days.

Timings – Where possible we will be managing the arrival times of different groups to ensure staggered arrival to reduce the pressure at exits and entrances.

Lifts – Lift capacities will account for all social distancing and have been clearly signposted in the main building lift lobby

Signage – Directional, instructive and social distancing signage will be installed across the venue and building to assist as much as possible with the flow of people around the building.