Get to know Trinity’s Head Designer

Taking a minute out of his busy schedule we caught up with Peter Lishman, Head of Design at Trinity Set & Stage to find out more about the mind behind the designs.


So peter can you tell us a little about yourself

PL: Hello, my name is Peter Lishman, I come from High Wycombe on the outskirts of London and I am the Head of Design here at Trinity Set & Stage.

What are your interests and hobbies?

In my spare time I am huge book and movie buff, some of my favourite genres include Sci-Fi, action and thrillers.

What attracted you to the world of Design?

PL: Well, from a young age I had a keen interested in Art & Design so I decided to study Fine Art at college and then Film & Television at university.

After university, like most people, I undertook an internship in conceptual design where I primarily worked on designing event stands. During this period I really learnt how to harness the skills I had previously learnt at university and apply them to the working world.

Whats your most challenging project to date?

PL: For me, the most challenging project to date was the festival tour van we designed for Jäger.

This project had lots of creative elements that I had never come across at the time which lead me to have to think outside the box and approach the situation differently to how I would normally. 

I really enjoyed the challenge because I had to learn a lot and I had to learn fast, working closely with the build team expanded my knowledge of design by giving me a much bigger insight into how the build works and the creative elements that define it.

What tips if any, do you have for junior designers?

PL: My best advice to anyone in the design industry whether you are in the midst of your career or at the start of would simply be, to listen.

Get to know your client, learn to understand what they desire, who they are and what defines them as a company.

When you can see through the eyes of a client you can really grasp their requirements and design something that fits them, every project is different and every client is different so you should never treat two projects the same.

My second piece of advice would be to make yourself familiar with your set building team, this is so important. Understanding how the set builders work is key, your designs can be as breathtaking as you like but if they aren’t possible to build then its just a waste of time.

As much as knowledge of build techniques is key, so is knowledge of materials. By having a deeper understanding of how different materials work you can design with much more practically and efficiency.


Thanks for taking time out to talk to us Peter!