Road Show – Kone Tour 2013

Set Design and Build – Experiential Road Show – Kone Tour 2013

Trinity Set and Stage has been asked asked to design and build an experiential road show for Kone to showcase their new eco-friendly lift systems.

The first leg of the tour was in the Conservatory at the Barbican in London. This was an incredible space to work in and although the access times were limited, and made for a very late night, the event went off without a hitch and was a fantastic success. The second leg of the tour was at the National Motorcycle Museum in Birmingham. By now the installation was down to a fine art and lead to another successful event. Leg three was at the Lowry in Manchester. Ben Perry, Deputy Project Leader, said: “The exhibition/installation looked really good there.” The fourth stop of the tour was at the Sage in Gateshead. This was an altogether different venue than the previous ones but again a smooth install, de-rig and a happy client. The last stop on the tour was at Our Dynamic Earth in Edinburgh. A Unique venue in the heart of the city. This was the eco friendly culmination of the tour.

All in all a smooth, well organised, professional tour with happy clients all round.

Well done to the Trinity team. We look forward to the next one.